Hami Token Seeding round A will start from August 24th to September 24th 2022. Visit Hami Seeding Round page | How to buy Hami Token?

Global Crypto Adoption Starts with You

We simplified Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency for you. Our mission is to create a network accessible to everyone, for everyone to master cryptocurrencies. Hami allows you to easily learn, Invest and make crypto payments. All hassle-free with low transaction fees.

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What is HAMI ?

HAMI, also known as Hybrid Autonomous Monetary Infrastructure, is a Blockchain-based project which helps Anyone to Invest, Send or Receive Crypto Instantly without any technical knowledge. HAMI also has Decentralized Crypto Projects, which include NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, Launchpad, Token Generators, etc. HAMI's Ultimate goal is to Create its own Blockchain Network known as Hami Network

Hami Wallet

Send & Receive Cryptocurrency

A wallet that has been designed to be the best inclass experience and ease of use to transfer fund, Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies using P2P or Direct Payment methods.

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Hami Network

Fast & Secure Transactions

A blockchain that provides instant transactions with High-security, Hami is designed in a way that it will be easy to use for general public without any hazzle. no more lost seed phrase, no more lost wallets.

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Hami Pay

Accept Cryptocurrency as mode of payment

A payment gateway that has been engineered to secure your fund transaction and easily accept cryptocurrency as payment across the Globe.

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Hami Art

A Premium NFT Marketplace on BSC Network. Buy and Sell Premium NFT from Artists globally

Hami Launchpad

Investor friendly Launchpad were any one can kickstart their web3 projects easily. Participate in Sales easily

Hami Swap

A Decentralized exchange based on BSC Network.


Hami USD

HUSD is a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin issued by Hami Network. Hami users can redeem a HUSD for $1 at Hami Wallet.

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The Merge

Hami Network and its ecosystem consists of Hami Token and Hami Coin.

Hami Token

A BEP20 Token created as default mode of payment in Hami Ecosystem which uses BSC Network.

Hami Coin

Native Currency for Hami Network that will be used for transactions and gas fee.

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